Site Manager

Site Manager

If you're a North Manchester based Site Manager what would be high on your priorities if you were starting a new site?

Time to sit in the office and bed in with the team before you hit the ground running? Let's call it 4 weeks.
A couple of weeks working on other established sites so you can get the hang of the systems? No-one likes to be thrown in the deep-end.
A brand new site that you can run YOUR way from the get-go? If you know a good Assistant we can bring them into the business, too.
The support of a new management team who'll give you the best possible opportunity to win an NHBC Award?
Expert procedures that are already in place that help you run the site to the best of your ability?
Cohesion between the Customer Care, Commercial, Technical and Construction teams?

If all these are high on your list then I have an opportunity to speak to a 5* builder in the Salford area to join the company immediately and start on site around end of November/December. We can discuss excellent packages depending on your experience - if you have the drive and ambition to provide an expert site with the best possible set-up over the next 4 years this is for you.

If this sounds like you and you're looking for the next exciting step in your career then please get in touch with me at WRS. My name is John Kirkham and I work at WRS. Contact me on the office number, the usual office number, LinkedIn or please apply for the job here. I'm sending candidates immediately and would love to speak to you. Thank you.